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Motherless Child

So I was young and I was stupid

Thought it was fate or maybe cupid

But it wasn't love, at least not for me

So I've been banned and executed

What can I say, they're better suited

If he had stayed, you'd be so sad

We all would be

But I'll always be here when you call

Even when he has my back to the wall

Yeah you'll never be a Motherless Child

You grew inside; At once I knew you

Don't think that I can't see right through you

I know you're scared, and so am I, in my own way

And just becasue he's not my lover

It does not mean I'm not your Mother

I'll always be no matter what they say

Yeah they can punish me; I don't care

Just as long as you know I am there

Yeah you'll never be a Motheless Child


Temporary Fan Club

So you say you're black and blue from all the blows you've taken

I guess you're feeling good as new from all those big shot friends you're making

So you gave away your true love for some temporary fan club

that won't be around when you are 64

I guess I didn't understand your need for basking in the glory Cause you've been making other plans and adding angles to your story

So you left the one you're meant for, for some temporary encore that will fade away when you are 64

You'll be old and gray someday and your bag of clever tricks won't seem the same

And your fame is imprisoned by the echo of your name that became like all the same...except to me....

So you say I have to chose but I'm not left with many choices

But either way I guess I lose I can't compete with all these voices So you gave away your true love for some temporary fan club

that won't be around when you are 64...

that won't be around when you are 64



They can try to take you away

But my darling I'm here to stay

And I know that you know it's true

So they'll be times that I might scold you

But after that I'll just want to hold you

And tell you everything will be alright

So we'll look back and tell the story

Of all the bad and all the glory

But don't you doubt; Soon I'll be kissing you goodnight

But I'll never understand how a man can call himself a "man"

To keep my baby, my only son, my truest love, my only one

Yeah you'll never be a Motherless Child



Nothing is Free

All of this time it's always been you and no one else

But i've kept some pieces to myself hidden behind me

It's taken some time to find all the pieces left behind the ones that you tried so hard to find that I just couldn't show you

But don't you go giving up on me

There's so much more you didn't see

And I'd be the first one to agree that nothing is easy Sometimes you're lucky but nothing is free (Chorus)

You gave me your heart

You told me to close my eyes and fall

And I did the hardest thing of all

I tried to believe you but I was afraid

that I would come crashing to my grave

with echos of promises you made like I never will leave you


Don't you know I hate to lose

The odds aren't in my favor but if I had to chose

I'd rather lose it all for you...

Tell me you lied

Tell me that nothing gets this good

Tell me to love you like I should

the way that you used to

Cause i've done my time and I'll cut my losses at the door

I am no longer keeping score

the way that I used to



You’re Your Own Worst Enemy (That’s Why I Love New York…)

So it happened once again

Is it all just too familiar

Was it something that you said

Almost bad enough to kill her

Like you did to me

One thousand times before

You haven’t gotten it by now

They’ll all walk out the door

Yeah, you can blame the city streets

Or all those precious weeks

You chose a tune instead

To think that all this time

You said the blame was mine

You put that in my head

So now “NEW YORK” is your excuse

Man, there’s just no use

What you did to them

What you did to me

But there’s no use now

You’re your own worst enemy

You’re not the only one with dreams

Or the only one with passion

Then you push us to the side

Thinking you’re the latest fashion

And yes I know, I heard it on TV

You must be so proud to have a tune of yours for all the world to “SEE”

So you can blame wife #1

Or your viscous mum

And her now I suppose

And then there’s always me to blame

But it’s always been the same

And you’re the only one who knows

Yeah there was a time I loved you so

But I just had to let you go

And I admit sometimes I wonder what could be

But there’s no use now

You’re your own worst enemy

And if you want to know what’s true, if I just had that piece of you, the piece of us I gave away

Cause all of you I never had, would it have been so bad, I’ll wonder every day

But I have finally let you go

And I just wanted you to know

You’ll always have a part of me

But there’s no hope now, you’re your own worst enemy

Yeah there’s no use now, you’re your own worst enemy



  © Ellen Lerner 2008